why mjc?

There are many companies on the market that offer grant acquisition and business consulting services. What sets us apart is the extensive experience and expertise of our advisors in assessing the likelihood of obtaining a grant, as well as identifying and mitigating potential risks, among other things.

15 years


PLN 250 million

funds raised for customers


completed projects

team of consultants

with extensive experience guaranteeing the care of the project and having full knowledge of it

network of trusted partners

to provide additional services (e.g. IT, marketing, sales)

clear settlement model

we ensure transparency and reliability in payments

EU grants

Our service proposal encompasses comprehensive project management, starting from the preparation of documents for signing a grant agreement, through project implementation, to final settlement.

The scope of our services covers all activities included within the agreed fees. Each time, we tailor the final scope to match the project’s nature and your specific requirements. 

As one of the few consulting companies in Poland, we also offer an additional four-month period of free consulting care following the completion of the project’s material implementation and the submission of the final payment application. 

Our services include: 

Advising on how to prepare to apply for EU funds

Preparation of application documents

Guidance during project implementation

Ongoing support for clients throughout the project's duration

business consulting

business consulting & tax credits

Advice on obtaining a decision on support within the Polish Investment Zone – entailing CIT exemption for up to 15 years. 
Guidance on research and development relief, robotization relief, IPBOX relief – offering potential income tax reduction. Consulting conducted in collaboration with our partners. 

business valuation

We specialize in providing accurate and reliable company valuations, invaluable for making critical business decisions. We assist in determining company value for sales, investments, and accounting purposes. Our services entail comprehensive financial, legal, and operational analyses, enabling a thorough understanding of the company’s situation and potential risks. 

internationalisation strategy

We develop comprehensive internationalization strategies to support entrepreneurs in exporting their products or services. We aid in company development in international markets and effectively implement expansion strategies. Our experts conduct detailed analyses of target markets and competition, including legal and financing considerations for expansion using EU funds. Based on the analysis results, we devise strategic goals and action plans. 

industry 4.0 development strategy

Specializing in digitization and industrial transformation, we assist in transitioning traditional manufacturing processes into modern and efficient Industry 4.0 solutions. Our services include industrial audits, strategy development, advice on process automation, logistics optimization, and cybersecurity. 

information and cyber security strategy

We help develop and implement effective informatization strategies, optimizing information technology use for competitive advantage. Our service includes diagnosing current IT resources and processes, followed by developing a strategy aligned with your company’s strategic objectives and business needs. 

strategy for developing eco-design product innovations

We support companies in creating innovative and sustainable products, emphasizing ecological design principles. Our comprehensive approach includes design audits, market trend analysis, customer needs assessment, and sustainable development integration. Our strategy promotes eco-friendly materials, low-impact production processes, and consumer awareness. 

marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy service offers a deep understanding of your business and market, conducting competitive analyses, defining brand uniqueness, and setting clear objectives. We craft personalized marketing plans incorporating digital marketing trends, based on market research and analytical data. Our aim is to increase brand awareness, effectively reach customers, and build long-term relationships. 

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our services are directed to:

Entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses

Non-governmental organizations in search of funding avenues and proficient project management assistance

Local government entities dedicated to fostering the growth of their communities

Individuals embarking on entrepreneurial ventures

All those eager to enhance their project management skills and preparing to undertake the IPMA examinations

grant project management from A-Z

project preparation

  • 1. Project planning
  • 2. Application for funding
  • project implementation

  • 3. Prepare the documents necessary to sign the funding agreement
  • 4. Design policies
  • 5. Project promotion
  • 6. Contractor selection process
  • 7. Expense documentation
  • 8. Contracts with contractors
  • 9. Management of funding agreement
  • 10. Payment applications
  • 11. Project indicators
  • 12. Control
  • 13. Project closing and sustainability period
  • 14. Others
  • what does cooperation with us look like?

    What does cooperation with us entail? In pursuit of optimal project execution and seamless collaboration, upon the execution of a cooperation agreement, we extend the offer to organize regular meetings between our consultants and your designated project team. These meetings are designed to address both the substantive and procedural aspects of the project. 

    As per our standard practice, we propose scheduling these meetings on a bi-weekly basis. Furthermore, we remain available to you at any other juncture as needed. Recognizing the sensitive nature of the information involved in the project, we are prepared to work with documents directly at your premises. 

    Moreover, each of our clients is assigned a dedicated supervisor for their project. Additionally, we assure you that as required, we can allocate any of the personnel outlined in our proposal to your project. 


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